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CGC Knock-Out Products

Printing Plates

Liquid Photopolymer Printing Plates

We produce liquid photopolymer printing plates to the highest quality standards in the industry. Liquid photopolymer plates have broad printing latitudes and can be produced in a wide variety of thicknesses, surfaces and durometers.

Sheet Photopolymer Printing Plates

CGC has a sheet photopolymer plate product for any range of flexo printing, from basic line reproduction to process printing. Sheet polymer plates are known to print crisp and run clean.


DuPont's DigiCorr® system produces digitally imaged sheet photopolymer plates with flat top dots. This is the top of the line for direct print in corrugated today. Available through our CGC Color Center.

UniFlex™ One-Piece Flexographic Printing Plates

A CGC development, UniFlex™ is a highly accurate, tight tolerance, flexible printing plate that eliminates conventional mounting materials. With UniFlex™ you'll get better registration, faster press set-up, less press scrap, and a plate that is lightweight and easy to handle. View the PDF flyer

MaxRelief™ Liquid Printing Plates

MaxRelief™ plates put the polymer only under the print surface resulting in a printing plate that is ultra lightweight and extremely durable. This innovation is rapidly becoming the standard for today's high-speed rotary diecutters.

CGC Color Center

The CGC Color Center puts it all together for the high-end corrugated printer. We have brought state of the art pre-press/ plate-making technology and experienced graphic artists and technicians together to provide the services that create award-winning flexography.


We got tired of waiting for a pin-registration system to come around so we developed our own. The BullsEye™ System is easy to install and yields positive results immediately. Get in register fast! View the PDF flyer

ProFlex 2™ Cushion Products

CGC ProFlex 2™ is a family of cushion products designed to provide quick rebound characteristics and high resistance to compression set. ProFlex 2™ enables printers to achieve consistent ink coverage, less fluting and reduced dot gain.


A long standing CGC innovation, ContainerStrap® holds mounted printing plates securely onto press cylinders without metal parts that can damage expensive press components. View the PDF flyer

Low Profile ContainerStrap®

Our latest version of ContainerStrap® is only .070" thick and is perfect for today's low undercut presses. View the PDF flyer