Our experts have years of training experience. They can provide training on everything from die cutting and printing best practices to how to maintain and repair your cutting dies and printing plates. We can utilize our proven training modules or customize them to fit your needs. Let us show you how our training and knowledge resources can be a significant part of your process improvement programs.

Live Video

We built a video studio in our Toledo OH facility that is state of the art. The studio is set up with die making and plate making equipment. Our experts are on hand for live video training conferences on everything from how to build cutting dies, make printing plates, to troubleshooting problems. Live video has been a communication and training breakthrough for our customers.

Train the Trainer™

Our Train the Trainer (T3) modules cover a broad range of subjects focused on improving understanding of the converting process. We call them Train the Trainer because we focus on developing your own training experts as part of the training process. T3 modules can be customized to fit your exact training needs.


CGC has developed a highly effective Technical Assistance Program (TAP) that brings you, our technical experts and our knowledge base together via the web. Log in, describe your issue and our experts will provide solutions. TAP provides access to best practices information, photos of solutions and more.