Tooling Solutions for Corrugated Packaging and Display Manufacturers

Rotary Cutting Dies

Phase 2™

The industry standard for die cutting corrugated board. Comes in three configurations - standard, high test/ double-wall, and cross-corrugation. Extensive options are available in this line. View the PDF flyer

Phase 4 HPS™

Phase 4 HPS™ (High Performance System) combines all of our best performing solutions into a new specification for the ultimate in high-speed, high performance rotary die cutting. View the PDF flyer

MicroTrim Plus™

MicroTrim Plus™ is CGC's patent pending system that reduces die-cut board trim by more than half. In some cases up to 60%! View the PDF flyer


Award winning, patented technology developed by CGC, M-PReSS™ is the solution for creating reverse folds, slit-scores, perforations, perf-scores, tear-outs, and many other design features on rotary die cutters. View the PDF flyer

Ultra™ Cutting Rule

A CGC exclusive, Ultra™ Cutting Rule incorporates a large, double-ground, extra sharp tooth profile. The knife is exceptionally strong, edge-hardened, and is available in 8 or 10 teeth per inch. Ultra 8 comes standard on Phase 2 High-Test/ Double-Wall dies. View the PDF flyer

Scrap Blaster™

Originally developed as a component of our Phase 3™ Rotary Cutting Die, this patented, interior scrap removal system has become a popular option on Phase 2™ dies. The ScrapBlaster™ aggressively pushes interior waste off the die, holds it against the anvil and releases it well below the paper path. This product really works.

"House" Lead Edge Trim

Called "House" rubber due to its house shaped profile, this product simply works. The "peak" pins lead-edge trim to the anvil and directs it below the paper path. This frequently selected option is made of durable, closed-cell elastomer.


Another patented innovation, NickLock allows nicks to be easily changed on a rotary die. Pre-nicked rule segments can be removed and inserted by hand, often on press, without special die maker's tools.


You want creases that are uniform and reliable and ContainerScore™ delivers. Patented "wave" design makes scores that work better. Standard on Phase 2™ and Phase 4™ dies. View the PDF flyer

ThinWall PowerPunch™

PowerPunch's innovative design features have cured the headaches associated with punches. They cut with less force, resulting in less puckering and better stripping. View the PDF flyer


We looked for a way to stop liners from fracturing and found the solution. LinerGuard simply works! Can be supplied on new cutting dies or retrofitted on your existing dies. View the PDF flyer